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This collection brings together tracks recorded for compilations and other standalone releases between 2011 - 2013.

1. 'Some Of Them Were Flying' from TAKE Records EP 2 - Released 10/01/2012
Free to download from Take Records' Soundcloud here:

Compiled alongside 3 other tracks by Locked Groove, Oblique and Epoque. The title for this piece was inspired by a dream about penguins flying.

2. 'Wedding March' from SEQUENCE3 by Future Sequence - Released 29/02/2012
Full Sequence 3 compilation is available to download from Bandcamp:

This track was composed specifically for submission to Future Sequence for their 'Sequence' compilations and was lucky enough to be included on the 3rd edition. It continues to be the most listened to track of mine on Last FM by a long shot.

3. Sleep May Make Waiting Horses from netlabel Absence of Wax - Released 01/03/2012
The full package is available to download from the Absence of Wax website:

I composed this track after Devin Sarno contacted me via Soundcloud to ask if I was interested in contributing a release for his 'Absence of Wax' netlabel. The track itself turned out really well and was a beautiful digital package.

4. What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction) from Now That's What I Call Drone Vol.1 - 25/07/2012
Full album free to download from Bandcamp here:

I found out about the 'Now That's What I call Drone Vol.1' compilation on Twitter and thought it was a hilarious idea. The concept was simple: drone versions of top 40 pop songs...encompassing covers, remixes and interpretations. I asked to contribute an interpretation of One Direction's 'What Makes You Beautiful' and this track was the result.

5. Weight Of The Sea from a POWER LUNCHES charity/rent compilation put together by KOSTOGLOTOV - Previously Unreleased.

This track was recorded specifically for a Power Lunches charity compilation that is as yet unreleased. Power Lunches is a venue and art cafe in London that I have played gigs at a few times. In 2012 they were having trouble paying their rent and Daryl used to put on 'Tell Me What To Do' club nights there asked me to contribute a track. I composed and recorded 'Weight Of The Sea' around October 2012.

6. Lobster Telephone (1936) from In Response To...Salvador Dali - Released 13/05/2013
Download the entire 'In Response To...Salvador Dali' 4 track compilation here:

I was contacted through my Facebook page about contributing a song in response to a piece of Salvador Dali's artwork of my choice for one of the 'In Response To...' editions. Lobster Telephone has always been a favorite of mine and provided a great launching pad from which to create something sonically.

7. End (Ben Glass Remix) - Previously Unreleased.

My good friend Ben Glass remixed 'End' from the A Onda album for me.

Check out Ben Glass' music on Soundcloud:


released January 4, 2014

I would really like to say a huge thanks to everyone who asked me to contribute to these compilations and made these tracks happen: Ben Newman (Electric Sound Records), Rick Grant (Take Records), Michael Brennan (Future Sequence), Devin Sarno (Absence of Wax), Aroon Karuna/Vapor Lanes (Twin Freaxx), Daryl Worthington (Power Lunches), Jonny Davis (In Response Too...).



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Ben Barrett London, UK

Ben Barrett is a London based guitarist from New Zealand who builds ambient electric guitar drones from improvised and processed loops.

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